Doug Smith – Grief

We are thrilled that LES Fall 2019 presenter, Doug Smith, is returning to Toronto to present Rewriting Stories of Loss and Grief: Effective Counselling Skills in Difficult Situations. Drawing on both personal and professional experience, we asked Doug to answer some commonly asked questions.

Grief is traditionally an emotional response to loss. How do you work with a client who does not show emotions while grieving? LES Fall 2019 presenter, Doug Smith, answers: Did you know that there are intuitive grievers (emotionally centered grief) and instrumental grievers (grief through cognition or actions).  Learn more:

Leading Edge Seminars presenter Doug Smith, discusses why it is better to focus on a client’s strengths rather than their problems. In this video, Doug shows how focusing on clients’ strengths will allow clients to help process healing, feel in more in control and show support:

Did you know that the average health care professional is spending between 50%-60% of their time in record keeping? More time than with patients!! Doug Smith has created a one-sentence care plan. What do you want? What do you want from this professional – client relationship? Learn more: