Emotionally Focused INDIVIDUAL Therapy: Applying Attachment Theory in Clinical Settings

Yep, you heard right. Emotionally Focused Therapy, one of the most thoroughly researched and validated approaches used in couples therapy, can also be used for individuals and families.

In this first of 3 videos, EFT lead developer and Leading Edge presenter, Sue Johnson, discusses how the attachment orientation and emotional focus of EFT provides a map to the emotions of longing and vulnerability, which can be used for a wide range of clients whether they are individuals, couples or families:

The core of EFT is a way to design, customize and implement a series of corrective emotional experiences that offer the chance for your clients to heal in the therapy session before your very own eyes. So whether you are new to EFT and don’t even LOOK at couples work OR if you are an experienced EFT therapist who ONLY works with couples, Sue’s Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy has something for you. Sue explains here:

In the Leading Edge community, Sue Johnson is a bit of a legend. So in this third of 3 videos, we took the opportunity to ask her: Where did it all begin? Click here to hear a little history of Sue’s journey into EFT:

Leading Edge Seminars is honored to host Sue Johnson’s workshops.