Internal Family Systems: Phase-oriented vs NON Phase-oriented… why should trauma therapists care?

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On the question of phase-oriented vs non phase-oriented treatment, Internal Family Systems (IFS) expert Frank Anderson is clear. Phase-oriented trauma modalities envision treatment as a linear progression:  1. Safety and Stabilization, 2. Processing Traumatic Memories and finally (hopefully) Reconsolidation and Repair. Non  phase-oriented modalities like IFS strive to work with all parts of the traumatic experience without the implicit assumption that the present manifestation of trauma is just something to get rid of… even with symptoms like self-harm, suicidal impulses and addictions, IFS is very effective in facilitating the foundation to transform the traumatized response.

Why should it matter so much?

Frank Anderson explains why IFS is such a wildly popular modality in the treatment of trauma, complex trauma and attachment disorders here:

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