I Don’t Wanna Talk About It! A Way to Establish Rapport With Your Child Clients NOW.

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Working with children or teens in therapy? For younger clients, therapeutic resistance can be a real challenge for many reasons including the fact that it was not their idea to see a therapist in the first place! Canada’s foremost child therapist Liana Lowenstein can help you:

  • understand the root of their resistance
  • help your younger clients communicate what is going on with them in a developmentally sensitive way
  • implement interventions to build rapport quickly and effectively and optimize the potential for change


We have some webinars that might interest you! Note: All webinars are recorded and available after Live Broadcast for viewing on an On-Demand basis.

Creative Interventions for Working with Hard to Engage Children

This webinar focuses specifically on developmentally appropriate play and expressive arts-based interventions designed to address many reasons why your younger clients DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THERAPY. Join Liana and learn more about the factors leading to therapeutic resistance and practical, effective interventions to address these factors and to optimize the potential for positive change. The live broadcast was on September 30, 2020

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Online Therapy with Children

Online therapy takes some adjustment with adult clients and EVEN MORE so with children and teens…. In this 3-hour recorded webinar, Liana shares her insights and practical techniques for working more effectively with younger clients in an online environment.

Need help NOW? Here are some free demonstration videos for you...

First impressions…. The Sunglasses: Get off on the right foot with your younger clients as soon as you greet them in your waiting room. Liana shows you how:

Rapport-Building and Check-in Activities: Click here for a whole series of ideas on how to use different props to facilitate communications in therapy that can be customized according to your client’s developmental stage:

A Lot on My Plate: In this video, Liana walks you through a technique that helps children and teens quickly map out what’s going on with them: