Summer Thoughts on Connecting by Disconnecting

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With good weather here and summer approaching, I’m happy to forward you some musings from Pico Iyer, a longtime favourite writer of mine.

A concern that is often on the minds of everyone including people coming for therapy and their therapists, is how to live in our fast-paced world where an ADHD existence is the expected norm, not the exception.

How do we step back and try to balance our own lives? Can we even find the time to do this? Summertime, especially in Canada, can offer us the community/work sanctioned opportunity. We have those annual moments of good weather, vacation time, and the chance to get out of town and into the country. Or take a leisurely stroll in a big city park with trails and trees all around.

Each of these opportunities offers us time away from our desk, devices (if we can take the risk of turning them off) and to feel the healing effects of nature and some moments of solitude.

Pico Iyer has spent life as an observer and writer about life from many perspectives. His own multicultural and multi-national perspective informs his life and writing.

A terrific writer modern wise man! He is an acute observer of others and his own life.

This article is from Mindful magazine: