The End of Solitude

The impact of technology on our lives is growing and will only grow increasingly more. Within the last few years, our workshop presenters are expounded about the effects of the Internet on clients and all of us. It seems to account increasing anxiety and depression. At least some of the time.

Some can have many Facebook friends that provide this kind of companionship and connection. This might help those who might feel isolated as there is a world of people to share thoughts feelings videos and photos. Others spend their time staring at their screen and making these connections but have less energy or time for in-person face-to-face friendship building. And of course, some people may have rich lives doing both. Nevertheless, I wonder if the value of face-to-face time part of our heritage and wired into our DNA?

This article looks at the solitude, which I suspect has been another pillar of good mental health throughout human history.