Building Bridges Across Political Divides

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How are your clients doing after the US Elections and its aftermath? How are YOU? Are you and your clients wondering, “What now???”

In this video, self-identified progressive Joan Blade, co-Founder of, enters into a Living Room Conversation with Tea Party supporter Mark Meckler to explore ways in which people with different political perspectives can engage each other more productively.

But How Do You Actually Do It?

Joan and Mark make it look so easy but as many of us know… discussions of politics, social justice, equal rights and accessibility is often triggering and emotionally fraught.

If you or your clients struggle with this, these following webinars may help you develop the mindset and skills to negotiate differences of world perspective and option with more ease and mutual benefit:


NOTE: all webinars are recorded and available for viewing at your convenience.

Mindful Presence in the Context of Race and Gender (Upcoming Live Broadcast on Nov. 30… available as a recorded webinar afterwards) Join Mindfulness author Caroline Welch and cultural theoretician/clinican Dr. Shelly Harrell as they explore mindfulness as a process to facilitate greater presence with race and gender as they are experienced internally, relationally in therapy.

Microaggressions in Clinical Settings (Recorded Webinar available for viewing On Demand) Join Drs. Monnica Williams and Matthew Skinta as they explore the range and nuances of microaggressions commonly experienced by minorities and yet often not acknowledged or even unwittingly committed by even those with the best of intentions.

Paul Gilbert Introduces Compassion Focused Therapy (Upcoming Live Broadcast on Nov. 11… available as a recorded webinar afterwards) Compassion Focused Therapy gives you the technology to understand and then change how we respond to threat, guilt and shame…. Join CFT developer Sir Paul Gilbert and learn how to address these difficult emotions when engaged in political debate.