Relating to ADHD: Feature on ADHD Alien Comic Strip

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One of the things commonly experienced by people with ADHD is the deep sense of shame they feel at not being able to be “more normal” particularly when they can also experience themselves as being unusually bright and quick-minded. In ADHD Alien, German comic strip artist Pina Varnel captures the internal life of what it is like to live with ADHD and the impact of finding every day things like prioritizing, time management, focusing on a thing of your choosing… really really hard to do.

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“My comics can’t tell anyone if they have ADHD or not, but they might help someone understand the struggles they’ve had and give them courage to seek a diagnosis.

“What I talk about in my comics is so shunned upon and made me feel embarrassed all my life and I just want my fellow Aliens to know they’re not alone. Even though not everyone with ADHD is like me or makes the same experiences, we all suffer from the same stigma.” – German artist Pina, aka the ADHD Alien

Now with over 120,000 followers on Twitter, Pina’s twitter feed has become an invaluable gathering place for people with ADHD to share experiences and offer mutual support and to find emotionally nuanced, precise and accurate depictions of what living with ADHD is like.

If you are looking for resources to help create awareness of the nuances of ADHD symptoms and what lies underneath, ADHD Alien is invaluable. Click here to visit Pina’s website and archive of comics.

Guess who Pina Likes?

According to this article, Pina is a fan of Leading Edge Seminars speaker Russell Barkley!

We are too!

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