Talking About Sex in Clinic

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Are you finding that your clients are talking more and more about sex in therapy? While sex is a common topic in popular culture in much of the Westernized world, being able to address sexual concerns with nuance, sensitivity and skill in clinical context is another matter.

Clinician and sex therapist Dr. Kathryn Hall recently sat down with Leading Edge to discuss common challenges and concerns that face therapists today when responding to their clients’ sexual concerns.

In this first video, Dr. Hall discusses how sex therapy has evolved from being focused on function and performance anxiety to understanding the deeper roots of people’s difficulties with sexuality.

In this second video, Dr. Hall discusses a much neglected area: how to navigate the sexual concerns of clients who have disabilities or neurological conditions or their partners?

For the whole 1-hour conversation between Dr. Hall and Leading Edge, we invite you to view it here for free!


Dr. Kathryn Hall presents two webinars to help clinicians integrate insights and interventions from Sex Therapy into Clinical Practice: