Treating the New Social Anxiety and Disrupting Rumination

This fall, Margaret Wehrenberg presents:

Disrupting Rumination: Changing the Thoughts that Underlie Anxiety and Depression (November 7) and The New Social Anxiety: Managing the Impact of Social Media, Gaming, and 24/7 Internet Access (November 8).

Peg is one of Leading Edge Seminar’s most popular speakers and she continues to be an invaluable resource to experienced and new clinicians alike. One the one hand, her pragmatism reflects her early specialization in CBT. On the other hand, her sophisticated and nuanced therapeutic approach is fortified by an accessible understanding of neuropsychology. In these three videos, Peg shares with us not only insights into the treatment of anxiety and depression but also her personal journey as a therapist.


In this video, Margaret Wehrenberg talks about her evolution as a specialist in anxiety disorders, how she overcame her own Generalized Anxiety Disorder and how understanding just a few neurobiological principles can help transform good therapists into even better therapists.

In this second video, Peg talks about how a failure in empathy inspired her interest in addressing anxiety caused by excessive online use/gaming/digital exposure.

And in this last video, Peg talks about how rumination is the common thread between the two most common disorders that therapists encounter: anxiety and depression.